To manage your participation in the National Cervical Screening Program, please use the following options – you may withdraw your request by completing this form at any time (for example, if you wish to cancel your nomination for a healthcare provider or to resume correspondence) by completing this form or calling us on 1800 627 701. As a guide, when you call us we may ask you personal information to help us identify you, for example first name, date of birth and Medicare identification.

Update address

If you wish to change your address as recorded with Medicare you will need to contact Medicare directly on 132 011 or visit
If you would like to provide an alternative address for correspondence related to the Register please call us on 1800 627 701, and a member of the Contact Centre can help you.

Nominate a healthcare provider

When you nominate a healthcare provider, the provider you nominate will receive relevant correspondence relating to your screening test, in addition to the healthcare provider who took your screening test. This helps to make sure your nominated healthcare provider is informed at all times about your screening, and can make informed decisions about your health. Use our web form to Nominate a Healthcare Provider

Nominate a pseudonym

For your privacy or other reason you may wish to use an alternative name for us to use when communicating with you. However, if you wish to change your formal name as recorded with Medicare, you will need to contact Medicare directly. This is because we obtain your name information from Medicare. Use our web form to Nominate a pseudonym

Appoint a personal representative

You may nominate a personal representative to act on your behalf, or you may already be authorised to act on behalf of a participant and wish to interact with us on their behalf.

A personal representative may be a family member, friend, medical practitioner, carer, guardian, person acting as power of attorney, or under a health directive. Depending on the type of personal representative, the participant may be required to provide supporting documentation showing the appointment. 

Once appointed, personal representatives can access information about the person they represent (including health information) such as calling the Contact Centre and request correspondence for the participant be sent to them. 

To appoint or remove a personal representative, please call us on 1800 627 701, and a member of the Contact Centre team will help process your request.

Defer my next screening date

You may request to change (defer) the date of your next screening, perhaps because of travel or health reasons. This means you can change your preference for participating in the National Cervical Screening Program for a defined period of time by completing the form to defer your next screening date. You may participate in the cervical screening program again at any time simply by having a Cervical Screening Test with your healthcare provider or by contacting us to withdraw your request to defer. Use our web form to Defer your next screening date

Request to cease correspondence – cervical screening only

You may choose to cease correspondence indefinitely or for a defined period of time. This means that we will continue to collect your Cervical Screening Test and other screening information, but you will not receive any contact or reminders from us. Your healthcare provider will still be able to access your screening information and will receive follow up contact in accordance with your screening status on the clinical pathway. Use our web form to Request to cease correspondence

Opt out of the Register

Please read important information about opting out of the Register.