Clinical software integration

The NCSR has developed a non-proprietary and standardised common interface (REST FHIR API 2.0) which allows you to integrate your clinical software (excluding lab software).

This allows you to seamlessly access and report clinical data for the bowel and cervical screening programs from the patient management software you use on a daily basis.

Lowered eligible age for bowel screening

From 1 July 2024, people aged 45 to 49 can join the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.


You can request a kit for an eligible patient via the Healthcare Provider Portal or issue them a kit via the alternative access to kits model. Alternatively, you or your patient can request a kit by submitting a webform or calling 1800 627 701.

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Functions and benefits

Integrated software users can:

  • order your patient a National Bowel Cancer Screening Program test kit to be delivered to their address
  • record when you have issued a bowel screening kit to a patient as part of the alternative access to kits model. Note: bulk orders of bowel screening kits for your practice are made via the Healthcare Provider Portal
  • check patient screening information and program status
  • receive reminders for patients overdue for screening or follow-up
  • manage your patient’s participation in the bowel and cervical screening programs
  • check and update patient details
  • view and submit screening information about your patient, such as colonoscopy or colposcopy information
  • view patient program correspondence for bowel and cervical screening programs
  • nominate other people to assist your patient, including another doctor or a personal representative.

Integrated partners

We have integrated with the clinical software vendors listed below, with the aim to integrate with more vendors in the future:


Compatible software version (or later)

Integration date

More information and technical support

Best Practice Premier


January 2021

More information

Technical Support

MedicalDirector Clinical

Version 4.0

August 2021

More information

Technical support


Version 21.3

December 2021

More information

Technical support

Gynaecology Plus

Version 10

May 2023

More information

Register your practice

If you are a user of one of our integrated partner’s software, you will need to register your practice to enable NCSR functionality.

Walkthrough video guide

Technical support

For any support queries, please call 1800 627 701 and speak to a member of our Contact Centre, or you can book in a time to receive a call back.

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