What is the Register?

  • The Register is a national electronic infrastructure that collects, analyses and reports information about the cervical screening history of eligible Australians.
  • Currently, the states and territories each have their own register with this information. This means that when members of the public move interstate, there is potential for their screening history to be lost and they might miss out on reminders for regular screening.
  • We will create a national record for each Australian participating in cervical screening.
  • We will automatically get information from Medicare. There is no need for participants to take any action to be on the Register.
  • We will let participants manage and take control of their screening information.
  • Healthcare providers can support participants to manage their screening by explaining National Cervical Screening Program Renewal and supporting them to complete downloadable forms.
  • Participants will still receive invitation and reminder letters when they are due for cervical screening.

Access the Register

To access the Register please call us on 1800 627 701 to speak to a member of our Contact Centre team.

Healthcare provider

This section is relevant to healthcare providers, for example general practitioners (GPs), nurses trained in cervical screening, doctors, specialists such as gynaecologists, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners.

You can use the Register to:

  • Check your patient’s screening test history and reminders.
  • Check and update your patient’s alternative contact details.
  • Manage your patient’s participation in the National Cervical Screening Program.

For these and other actions, please call us at 1800 627 701. Or refer to the Quick Start Guide for Healthcare Providers.


This section is relevant to laboratory providers, scientists and pathologists.

You can use the Register to:

  • Request and view screening histories.
  • Send pathology results to us.
  • Extract the national HPV positivity benchmark for quality reporting.

If your lab is already connected to the Register, you can send results directly to us using your clinical practice software.

If your lab will report results through the online pathology portal, please refer to the Quick Start Guide for Pathology Portal

HPV positivity rates – benchmarking reports for pathology labs

One of the key elements of quality assessment for the Renewal program is for pathology laboratories to routinely assess their HPV detection rate (‘positivity rate’). Laboratories are expected to compare the HPV detection rate in samples of at least 2000 specimens against National benchmarks.

The National Cancer Screening Register provides benchmarks that will allow laboratories to assess their detection rates against National averages. The NCSR separately reports benchmark detection rates by age cohorts (born before/after June 30, 1980) labelled as pre- and post- 1980.

View charts and tables relating to HPV detection rate national benchmark.


This section is relevant to specialists who perform colposcopy.

You can use the Register to:

  • Check your patient’s screening test history, reminders or if they are overdue for screening or follow up.
  • Check and update your patient’s alternative contact details.
  • Complete the Colposcopy & Treatment Form to update recommendation and referral details.
  • Extract performance data for quality reporting.

For these and other actions, please call us at 1800 627 701. Or refer to the Transition Quick Start Guide for Healthcare Providers.

Useful forms and guidelines

Please refer to forms and guidelines available for your use and reference.

Your patient’s privacy

The Privacy Policy describes why, when, and how we collect, use and disclose your information to operate the Register.

For more information please read the Privacy Policy