Participant information for the National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP) and National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP) can be accessed through:

Access can be provided to:

  • Healthcare professionals with a Medicare provider number (MPN),
  • Nurses and medical practice/lab staff without a MPN acting as a delegate of a healthcare provider with a MPN, or
  • Using a Register Identifier Number – a unique number to authenticate cervical screening test providers not eligible for a MPN.

Find out how to gain access to participant information.

Healthcare Provider Portal

The Healthcare Provider Portal provides a self-service alternative for health professionals to access and submit bowel and cervical screening data electronically in the National Cancer Screening Register.

To access the portal, you will need a PRODA account. PRODA (or Provider Digital Access) is an online identity verification and authentication system used to enable secure access to government online services.

If you continue to experience technical issues after referring to these guides, call 1800 627 701 and speak to a member of our Contact Centre.

Functions and benefits of the Healthcare Provider Portal

Access your patient’s bowel and cervical screening results and histories online, in real-time Various channels are now available for you to interact with the National Register, at a time convenient for you, your practice and your staff.
Prepare for patient appointments by accessing results and histories online, prior to appointments Save time previously spent calling the National Register or multiple laboratories to retrieve your patient’s data.
Submit forms/reports electronically Healthcare provider information is pre-populated to reduce printing/scanning and faxing to the Register.
Update information regarding your patient’s participation Including opting out, deferring their next screening, nominating a healthcare provider and personal representative on behalf of your patient, from either program. You can also update your patient’s demographics and view program related correspondence.
Order an iFOBT kit Healthcare providers will be able to order a free bowel test kit to be  delivered directly to their patients’ address as recorded with Medicare.

For more information call 1800 627 701 or refer to the Healthcare Provider Portal User Guide.

Access through integrated clinical software

Clinical Information System Integration

Clinical Information System Integration

The National Register has developed a non-proprietary and standardised common interface (REST FHIR API 2.0) to integrate with clinical information system vendors (excluding lab software).

The introduction of clinical information system integration allows healthcare providers to access and report clinical data for the NCSP and NBCSP seamlessly from existing clinical information systems.

Functions and benefits

Healthcare providers using integrated clinical information systems are able to directly access patient screening data from within the software interface to manage patient participation in the NCSP and NBCSP. Integrated software users can:

  • check patient screening information and program status
  • update patient details
  • manage your patient’s participation in the bowel and cervical screening programs
  • view patient program correspondence for bowel and cervical screening programs
  • create and send program forms for bowel and cervical screening programs.

Integration partners

We are scheduled to integrate with the clinical information systems listed below, with the aim to integrate with other software vendors in the future:

Partner Software version Integration date More information and technical support
Best Practice Saffron January 2021 More information
MedicalDirector Version 4.0 TBC Coming soon

If you are a user of one of our current integration partner’s software, you will need to register your practice to enable National Cancer Screening Register functionality.

For any support queries, please call the Contact Centre on 1800 627 701.

National Cancer Screening Register Contact Centre

You can continue to call the Contact Centre on 1800 627 701 to communicate with the National Register or manage your participant's details.

The introduction of the Healthcare Provider Portal and software integration provides an alternate way to interact with the National Register to reduce paper, fax and phone calls, while also making it easier for healthcare professionals to submit information.

For example, if you are submitting information such as a colonoscopy or colposcopy form to the National Cancer Screening Register, the details will be pre-populated from the portal elevating the need to manually complete.

1800 627 701
 (Hours of Operation: 8am to 6pm in all Australian state and territory time zones)


  • Cervical Screening: 1800 627 702
  • Bowel Screening: 1800 115 062


Cervical Screening postal address:
National Cancer Screening Register,
Reply Paid 90964, SUNSHINE VIC 3020

Bowel Screening postal address:
National Cancer Screening Register,
Reply Paid 90965, Sunshine VIC 3020

Gaining access to participant information

Healthcare providers and practice/lab staff wishing to access participant information for the National Cervical Screening Program and National Bowel Cancer Screening Program need either:

Healthcare Providers with a MPN

Follow the instructions in the Healthcare Provider Portal User Guide. Or provide it to the Contact Centre Operator when calling the Register.

Requesting delegate access of a provider with a MPN

Nurses and medical practice/lab staff who do not have access to a MPN can be a delegate of a provider with a MPN.

When accessing the Healthcare Provider Portal, the healthcare provider you are requesting to be the delegate of, must be a registered user within the Portal. Follow the instruction in the Healthcare Provider Portal User Guide.

Requesting a Register Identifier Number

The Register Identifier Number is a unique number used to authenticate cervical screening test providers who do not have access to a MPN, when accessing the Healthcare Provider Portal or calling the National Register Contact Centre. Depending on the requirements of the state or territory, healthcare providers who deliver services across multiple locations may have multiple Register Identifier Numbers.

To register for a Register Identifier Number and gain access to the National Register, you will need to complete the Register Identifier Number request form or call the Contact Centre on 1800 627 701 and provide the following information:

  • full name
  • clinic/practice name and phone number

The Contact Centre operator will call your clinic/practice to confirm your details. Further information may be requested if the contact centre operator is unable to verify your details.

Once complete, follow the instructions in the Healthcare Provider Portal User Guide.